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Our Publications

CTPC has a number of publications as follows:

  1. Hope at Dawn by Kahura Chege
  2. Jinsi ya Kumfuta Yesu
  3. How to Follow Jesus
  4. I Forgave the Ones Who Murdered My Father by Kahura Chege
  5. The Adventures of Kandindo
  6. The Spirit Filled Life
  7. Intergity
  8. Samson-The Wages of Disobedience
  9. Our tracts (3)

Some of the books either Translated, published or Printed by CMTPC:

  1. Be Real
  2. Rebellion in the Church
  3. Grow or Die
  4. Hold on Your Integrity
  5. Junk to Jewells
  6. Living By Faith
  7. New World Coming
  8. Reach out
  9. Tunyoshe Mikono
  10. Siku 30 za Maombi
  11. 30-days of Prayer
  12. The Blood of Covenant
  13. Who is Lamb
  14. Comprodre
  15. Yesu Ayaki Mpo
  16. Kwa nini Yesu Alikuja
  17. The Disciple Making Ministers
  18. 3 Books French – Thomas
  19. Free to be you
  20. Ufahamu wa Upendo
  21. Maisha Halisi Ya Kikiristo

CTPC Publications
Our in-house publications
Books Translated, Published or Printed by CTPC