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Translation & Publishing Services

We offer the following services at very competitive rates:

  1. Translation:
    CTPC offers software, internet, and manual integrated translation in all languages worldwide. These include native languages which even semi-illiterate people can easily understand.
  2. Printing:
    We offer printing services i.e.
    1. Offset Printing- books, magazines, periodicals, leaflets/brochures, calendars, diploma covers, colour seps and lamination
    2. Screen printing:
      - Branding of ballpoint pens, plastic bags, tags etc.
      - T-shirts, caps, stickers, wallets, umbrellas etc.
  3. Publishing:
    This includes:- Editing, layout & design services. CTPC is registered with the government of Kenya and give ISBN numbers to missionaries that need their work to be published and distributed in Africa.
  4. Distribution Services:
    With a well organized network, CTPC distribute Christian materials to all Africa countries. Our services are efficient, timely and affordable. To submit the quotation details for shipment & distribution, please click the below ….

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